The MOBITS project aims to define and develop a demonstrator of an integrated and dynamic information system to both passengers and operators of public transport in order to provide a real-time status of the transport offer.


To promote effective mobility on a public transportation network, it is important to rely on an attractive information system contributing to enhance and improve traffic flow while reducing the impact on the environment. The MOBITS project aims to develop integrated and dynamic information system for passengers and public transport operators that offers a real-time and easy access to multimodal information. The system allows correlating a maximum of transportation information sources in order to intelligently merge data. This fusion allows offering maximum value and presenting information to users and operators in an open and understandable way. That way, comfort of users of public transports is increased and service delivered by public transportation can be optimized.


The MOBITS project aims to develop a demonstrator of an intelligent transport system in order to capture the occupancy rate in public transportation and to process data merged from multiple sources. This platform will allow validating the system and measuring the effectiveness of various use cases whose relevance will be reviewed with stakeholders.

In the project, VETASOFT role will mainly consists in:

  • Analysis and consideration of the mobile user need
  • Getting a connection module up with the cloud
  • Develop interfaces travel companion, simulations of a large number of users
  • Realization + integration of travel companion.

Added value

The research project will enable Vetasoft to acquire new skills in newsectors in mobile solutions. The evolution of new mobile technologies is needed to

growing in all sectors of the economy. The project will offer the company the opportunity to explore new markets. Optimizing the use of public transport fits perfectly into a mobile solutions strategy.